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Investing in $BTA not only means getting in early on a revolutionary sports content platform, but it also comes with a number of exclusive perks for early investors.

Coin BTA
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The success of other presales

  • +218%

  • +318%

    Domi Online
  • +480%

    Rainmaker Games
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+914% price increase average after the presale!%

Betarena's Unstoppable Journey

Discover Why Betarena is the Future of Sports Content

Achievements and Milestones

  • +2.5 million visits in 2023,

    indicating significant user engagement and interest in our platform.

  • Reached break-even in 2021,

    demonstrating our strong financial position and ability to generate sustainable revenue.

  • Available in 8 languages,

    enabling us to reach a global audience of sports enthusiasts.

  • Proprietary sports narratives powered by NLG AI,

    providing unique and engaging content that sets us apart from our competitors.

  • 190% YoY average growth in revenue,

    showcasing the steady increase in our platform's success and profitability.

  • Achieved 100% organic growth,

    proving that our users value and trust our platform and its content.

  • Built on our own code base,

    ensuring the highest level of security and flexibility for our platform and its users.

Private Presale Investment Tiers

Invest early and enjoy exclusive discounts with $BTA Private Presale

Tier Minimum investment Discount Initial token release Vesting period
  • Bronze
    Minimum investment

    $2,500 - $19,999



    Initial token release

    15% at (TGE)

    Vesting period

    12 months

  • Silver
    Minimum investment

    $20,000 - $49,999



    Initial token release

    20% at (TGE)

    Vesting period

    15 months

  • Gold
    Minimum investment

    $50,000 - $99,999



    Initial token release

    25% at (TGE)

    Vesting period

    18 months

  • Platinum
    Minimum investment

    $100,000 or more



    Initial token release

    30% at (TGE)

    Vesting period

    24 months

Unlock the potential of $BTA token

Our unique value proposition

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    Premium Access to Exclusive Features and Content

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    Monetize Your Content and Get Rewarded as an Author

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    Explore the NFT Marketplace and Showcase Your Collection

  • Icon

    Participate and submit data about events you are attending and receive rewards

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    Join Football Fantasy Contests and Win $BTA

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    Leverage the Power of Extensions and Plugins

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    Stake Your Tokens and Earn Rewards

  • Bitarena Token is a Game-Changer for Sports Content Creation, Monetization, and Engagement

$BTA Tokenomics

Transparency and fairness guaranteed

Mintable Token with a Sustainable and Responsible Distribution Plan

Total Initial Supply:


Bitarena (BTA)

Token Type: ERC20 on Polygon Chain

Tokenomics BTA Tokens

Get rewarded

Invite your friends to join the sports revolution

Share your $BTA referral link with your friends and business partners and get rewards for every successful sale of $BTA tokens.

  • Investment

  • Referring investor bonus

  • New Investor Bonus

  • Investment $2,500 - $19,999

  • Referring investor bonus 5%

  • New Investor Bonus 2,5%

  • Investment $20,000 - $49,999

  • Referring investor bonus 7%

  • New Investor Bonus 3,5%

  • Investment 50,000 or more

  • Referring investor bonus 10%

  • New Investor Bonus 5%

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Private presale FAQ all your questions answered

What is the minimum investment required for the private presale?

The minimum investment for the private presale is $2,500.

How can I invest in the private presale of the $BTA token?

To invest in the private presale, you need to sign up for the waiting list on our website. Once you're on the list, our team will review your application and get back to you with the details.

What are the benefits of investing in the private presale?

Investors in the private presale will receive heavily discounted token prices, free premium subscriptions forever, priority access to new platform features, access to the referral program, priority access to the public presale, added discounts to the public presale, and access to a private channel with other investors and the Betarena team.

How does the token vesting work for each investment tier?

The vesting period varies depending on the investment tier. For Bronze tier investors, the vesting period is 12 months, for Silver tier investors, it's 15 months, for Gold tier investors, it's 18 months, and for Platinum tier investors, it's 24 months.

What is the referral program and how does it work?

The referral program is a way for investors to earn additional $BTA tokens by referring their friends and business partners to invest in the private presale. The referral program has three levels, with investors receiving bonuses ranging from 5% to 10% depending on the size of the new investment.

What is the total initial supply of $BTA tokens?

The total initial supply of $BTA tokens is 21,000,000.

What is the distribution of $BTA tokens?

The distribution of $BTA tokens is as follows: Founding Team (5%), Advisory Board (2%), Investors (4%), Team (5%), Participants (10%), Marketing Operations (10%), Private & Public Sale (60%), and Reserve (4%).

What is the average token appreciation for similar projects?

Similar projects have shown an average appreciation of over 500% since their launch to the market.

How can I access premium features and content using $BTA tokens?

$BTA tokens can be used to access premium features and content on the Betarena platform, including NFTs, sports fantasy competitions, and extensions and plugins..

Will the $BTA token be listed on exchanges?

Yes, the $BTA token will be listed on several exchanges after the public presale.

How will the investment be used?

The investment from the private presale will be used exclusively to create liquidity for the Bitarena token and for marketing efforts to promote the public presale.

How can I contact the Betarena team for additional information or clarification?

You can contact the Betarena team by emailing us at [email protected] or through our social media.